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Welcome to SJB

Come here to laugh. Come here to make friends. Come here to find strength. Come here to grow. Come here for Worship and Prayer. Come here to find real answers.

 Welcome to SJB

SJB is not your ordinary parish or school and we you invite to come and begin a life-changing experience. Let us help you meet new friends. Let us help you find answers and find your way. Let us help you grow in ways you never imagined. If you are a newcomer or one of our faithful, accept our invitation to discover our exciting programs and events here at SJB.
Simply ask your family and friends to stop by our parish and school.  Learn how you can grow in spirit and character, spend a fun-filled day with family and friends, and find real answers. Don’t wait to act! Take the first step in making a real difference in your life. Reawaken the meaning of hope, peace, love, and excitement in your life.
Come home to St. John the Baptist Parish and School to begin your incredible journey.
- SJB News